Great attention to LoopMe at International Research Conference

One of Europe’s finest research prizes in entrepreneurship education was last week awarded to members of the research team behind LoopMe. In the picture, you see two of the jury members: Matthijs Hammer from Holland (to the left) and Sarah Jones from the UK (to the right). The award was announced at the 3E ECSB conference held this year in Cork, Ireland. The organizer, Breda Kenny (who also uses LoopMe in her teaching), is standing next to Matthijs in the picture. The award, known as the “Best Paper Award” was given to our article that summarizes seven years of research with LoopMe on entrepreneurship in education. The prized article describes the strong effects we have been able to measure and evidence through using LoopMe when working with value creation for others as a starting point for education.

At the conference, we were also nominated for the best workshop award as one of three organizers. At this workshop, we discussed how LoopMe can be used for teaching, assessment, research, and school development. Twenty-one committed researchers from different universities across Europe came up with their best ideas about how LoopMe can be used for these four different purposes.

We want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has contributed in different ways to this long and exciting journey that has now received great international attention. Some of you participated in the conference, for example, close research colleagues at Chalmers, Luleå University of Technology, Aarhus University, and Cork Institute of Technology, as well as the Swedish National Agency for Education, who have contributed by financing part of the work. Others of you who have been on the trip could unfortunately not be with us in Cork. But you were in our thoughts! and, of course, mentioned in the research article that contains a whole page of all who contributed. So, thank you!! Here you can read a summary of the prized article and also download it in its entirety: