How to lead strategic development?

Helping employees in the process of developing the organization is an important task for you as a leader. In an ever-changing world, the demands for continuous learning in order to develop your own organization become ever higher. In many industries, developmental leadership around strategic issues is a prerequisite for the survival of the organization.

The leadership role, however, is often an exposed position with a lot of stress and a hectic work situation. Many managers spend their days attending to acute issues, practical events that require management attention, and conflicts that need to be resolved. Strategic issues, continuous learning, and honest, open dialogues with employees are often deprioritized due to a lack of time. Time for reflection around what needs to be done to keep up with all the demands of a quickly changing world is often lacking. If you recognize these challenges, LoopMe is probably something for you.

Three main benefits of LoopMe for leaders

By using LoopMe as a leadership tool, you can achieve benefits in three main areas: clarity, communication, and follow-up.


Clarity increases with LoopMe when all employees get an overview of both expectations and outcomes. Employees see exactly what you expect from them in strategic development.


Instead of even more communication, LoopMe gives you, as a leader, a unique opportunity for more focused communication with your employees around exactly those issues you deem to be of the highest strategic importance.


Follow-up of strategic work is necessary but time-consuming for leaders. LoopMe transfers a part of this responsibility to the employees. This saves time and increases visibility for you, it also stimulates deeper reflection among employees.


Users love the time-efficiency and relevancy

LoopMe is used by thousands of satisfied managers and employees. Managers often state that LoopMe is a very time-efficient way to have a confidential and sincere dialogue with their staff on key issues. It is also appreciated that concrete actions can be conveyed to the staff, where the assignment can be described in a uniform manner yet carried out by each employee in a completely unique way.

Improved leadership dialogues

Employees who use LoopMe as a channel for dialogue with their boss have found it to be easier and more accessible than using staff appraisal forms or e-mail. Employees have also felt more appreciated by their boss, and staff appraisals have also been more rewarding than before.

Relevant and more learning-oriented

The assignments employees have been given have been perceived as relevant, and it has been estimated that lessons learned are used better by management than before.


LoopMe facilitates clear and open leadership

With LoopMe, important development goals can be made clear to all employees and continuously monitored over time. You specify action-oriented strategic development assignments that all staff are expected to work on. This clarifies expectations as well as prompts action and resulting learning. LoopMe has predefined assignments to choose from, and you can also create your own custom assignments to hand out to your staff. Once allocated, you can easily follow the live feed of reflections and overview matrices in real time.

On the browser, or via the app, staff get a smooth overview of their assigned and completed assignments. Once an assignment has been completed, they quickly send you a report on how it went. Each report contains a personal reflection, an emotion categorization, and a categorization using different tags that indicate progress and challenges.

"Their reflections become deeper. Some of them reach a completely different level. This, I think, is super interesting and exciting."

— Madeleine Hyllsjö, School leader in Falkenberg municipality


LoopMe provides relevant communication on managers' terms

n LoopMe, it is you as a manager who controls when, where, and how the communication takes place. Some managers prefer to maintain a deep and unique confidential dialogue on a daily basis in LoopMe with their employees. Others choose to provide aggregate feedback at scheduled times, sometimes weekly or more rarely. Through ingeniously formulated assignments that merge strategic actions with guided reflection, the digital conversation is focused on those issues that you deem to be of the highest strategic importance to your organization.

Because each reflection is written immediately after an assigned action has been completed, the live feed that you follow on the browser or via the app becomes more relevant. You can easily and promptly provide feedback, challenges, and discussions through a comment thread on each report. When an assignment is passed, you approve it directly in the live feed, and LoopMe then keeps track of which staff members have completed which strategic assignments.

"We get a better insight into where our employees are, which means we can ask better questions. Especially around our strategic goals, to keep them alive.

— Eva Johansson, School leader in Uddevalla municipality


LoopMe simplifies strategic follow-up and analysis

Follow-up of the employees’ strategy work is often needed to make visible the progress achieved and provide support and ideas for the continued development of the organization. With LoopMe, a large part of the responsibility for this follow-up can be transferred to employees. Mandatory reflections on well-thought-out strategic issues ensure that important insights, progress, and challenges are documented and become known to management.

Because emotion categorization and category tags always need to be specified in each report, you quickly get an overview in LoopMe. You can easily capture different moods in the organization by looking at emotion icons and tags, and the in-depth analysis is facilitated by statistics based on these estimates. Trends can also be analyzed both in real time and afterwards. The effects of various strategic initiatives become clearly measurable and comparable.

"Lots of good statistics, safe statistics. We have chosen our own impact measures, and they're being measured 36 times over the course of the year. Pretty good statistical evidence! This is really what we think about this issue in our unit."

— Marika Delvret, School leader in Uddevalla municipality