Scientific digital schools in Uddevalla

Since 2018, Me Analytics AB and Chalmers University of Technology together with the Municipality of Uddevalla have been running a project that is about scientific school in a digital age. The project is based on a completely new digital scientific…

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Faster feedback in Huddersfield

Since 2017, the Enterprise Team at the Duke of York Young Entrepreneur Centre, University of Huddersfield have been using LoopMe as an IT-tool to lead and follow their student’s learning process in real-time. So far the team has found LoopMe to be…

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Reduced sick leave in Skurup

For more than a year, pre-school developer Marie Cornmark has been using LoopMe as a communication and support tool together with the 180 employees in pre-school in Skurup municipality. She can already see it has made a difference regarding…

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