How to manage action-based education?

Action-based education is a collective term for education where students learn by doing things in practice. Such learning often involves environments outside the school or college, such as workplaces and public places. Common pedagogical approaches are problem-based learning, projects, internships, job placements, vocational education, apprenticeships, entrepreneurial education and progressive education.

In a learning environment that includes the outside world it is often difficult for teachers to have structure and clarity in activities as well as around expectations they have on their students. It is also often difficult for teachers to assess learning, since the learning process is partly located outside the own building and involves external parties such as supervisors, customers, partners and other professionals. If you recognize these challenges, LoopMe is probably something for you.

Three main benefits of LoopMe for teachers

By using LoopMe in action-based education, you can achieve benefits in three main areas – clarity, communication and documentation.


Clarity increases with LoopMe when all involved get an overview of both expectations and outcomes. Students see exactly what you expect from them.


Teachers rarely want even more communication in today's technology-stressed society. Here, LoopMe instead gives you as a teacher a unique opportunity to focus communication with your students on exactly those issues you think are most important.


Pedagogical documentation is a necessary but often administrative part of the teaching profession. LoopMe transfers part of this responsibility to the students, letting them document their own learning outcomes. This saves time for you as a teacher.


Users love the time efficiency and ease-of-use

LoopMe is used by thousands of satisfied teachers and students around Europe. Teachers often highlight that the learning process is clarified for all involved and that LoopMe saves time in their everyday work-life. Students’ reflections give the teacher an increased level of security through better overview and control. These reflections also make learning and development more visible. Many teachers also appreciate being able to have confidential dialogues with their students.

Better student dialogues

Students using LoopMe see it as a natural way of communicating with their teachers. They appreciate the simplicity and speed, and especially like that you can quickly convey an emotional state through icons and tags that are available to choose from in LoopMe.

Relevant and more learning oriented

The assignments students have been given have been perceived as relevant, and it has been estimated that student learning is deepened through their repeated reflection.


LoopMe clarifies practical actions and desired results

With LoopMe, the practical learning experience for each student can be easily mandated and followed in detail. You specify a few action-oriented assignments that all in the class will perform. This clarifies goals and expectations as well as triggers action and reflection. In LoopMe there are many predefined assignments to choose from, and you can also create entirely custom assignments to hand out to your class. Once deployed, you can easily follow the entire class in real-time via the live feed of reflections and via overview matrices.

On the web, the tablet or in the mobile, students get a smooth overview of their assigned and completed assignments. Once an assignment has been completed, they quickly can send a report to you as a teacher. Each report contains a personal reflection, an emotion categorization, and a categorization using different tags that indicate progress and challenges.

"If I turn back the clock and think of what we had before LoopMe, I now can't imagine going back to that. We've come such a long way in such a short period of time."

— Philip Clegg, Head of Enterprise team, Huddersfield University


LoopMe provides relevant communication on teachers’ terms

In LoopMe, it is you as a teacher who control when, where and how communication takes place. Some teachers prefer to maintain a deep and unique confidential dialogue on a daily basis in LoopMe with students. Others choose to provide aggregate feedback at scheduled times sometime a week or more rarely. Through ingeniously formulated assignments that merge practical action with guided reflection, the digital conversation is focused on those issues that you think are most important for in-depth learning.

Because each reflection is written immediately after an assigned action has been completed, the live feed that you follow on the web or in the app becomes more relevant. You can easily and promptly provide feedback, challenge and discuss through a comment thread on each report. When an assignment is deemed to be completed, you approve this directly in the live feed, and LoopMe then keeps track of who in the class has completed which assignments.

"We as colleagues get a common point of departure in pedagogical discussions. How to think in task oriented ways? This simplifies cross-disciplinary teaching."

— Mattias Mella, Vocational teacher at Örnsköldsviks Gymnasieskola


LoopMe simplifies documentation and facilitates analysis

Pedagogical documentation often aims at making your students’ learning visible, as well as giving you a basis and ideas for how to develop both your teaching and the organization. With LoopMe, much of this documentation can be transferred to your students. Mandatory reflections around well-thought-out questions ensure that important insights are written down by students themselves.

Because emotion categorization and category tags always need to be specified in each report, you quickly get an overview in LoopMe. You can easily capture different moods in the class by looking at emotion icons and tags, and the in-depth analysis is facilitated by statistics based on these estimates. Trends can also be analyzed both in real time and afterwards. Effects of different pedagogical designs will then be clearly measurable and comparable.

"This is a system that saves us time. LoopMe makes visible for teachers, students and supervisors what happens in work-based learning. And everything is documented. Simplified documentation is the best result so far."

— Sofie Holm, School developer at AcadeMedia Praktiska Gymnasier